NOTE: Auto-order on Instacart ends February 28, 2024. All auto-orders scheduled for delivery on or after February automatically cancel. Moving forward, you need to place each order manually.

Auto-orders can save you time by automatically filling your cart with your favorite items. Select your items, choose a delivery frequency (window range from every week to every 4 weeks), and enjoy recurring delivery of your items without having to rebuild your cart each time.

Setting up and managing auto-orders

  1. Build your cart as normal. Not all items in your cart need to be part of your auto-order.
  2. To add an item to your auto-order, select “auto-order” under the item in your cart.
  3. Decide how often you want it delivered.
  4. After you set the item frequency, you see an overview of your subscription and terms. If everything looks good, click Confirm and check-out.

You can skip or cancel an auto-order any time. Update and manage subscriptions at any time from the auto-order tab on your Orders page.

Fees and pricing

You will be notified that an auto-order has been created 72 hours prior to a scheduled auto-order delivery. Your bank automatically places an authorization hold on your card each time that your auto-order is created. Authorization holds get released after your order is delivered or canceled. It can take 7 days for the pending charge to drop, depending on your bank. If you have more questions about releasing authorization holds, contact your bank or credit card. You can view your final charge on your Instacart digital receipt after receiving your order.

Instacart’s standard order fees apply, but there are no additional fees charged for choosing to auto-order. Once your auto-order is confirmed, you will automatically receive each scheduled recurring order as long as the total exceeds the $10 minimum, unless you skip, cancel, or reschedule an order.

Item availability

If an item in your auto-order is low in stock, you’ll get a notification asking you to select a replacement item before a shopper starts the order. If you don’t select a replacement and your item is out of stock at the time it’s shopped, your shopper will select the best possible replacement, unless you have chosen to receive a refund for that item. Other items in the auto-order should be delivered as scheduled.

Alcohol, prescription drugs, and high-value items like electronics are excluded from auto-orders. Items that are available for auto-order will say “auto-order” under the item in your cart.

Auto-order Terms & Conditions

Auto-order allows you to select items that will be delivered to you on a recurring basis until you cancel. By creating an auto-order, you agree to the following terms, and your auto-order is subject to Instacart’s Terms of Service. Item price, taxes, fees, delivery day and times, item availability, and replacement options are subject to change on future deliveries. You are responsible for updating your replacement and refund options for each auto-order delivery as prior selections will not be saved. You can update your preferences when an auto-order is created on the Orders pages. Once you choose an item for auto-order, you must check-out that order to complete your auto-order. If you are sharing a cart, only the user who checks-out will complete their auto-order(s), and any items selected for auto-order by the other user in the family cart will not be confirmed. The first auto-order delivery will occur on the date displayed at check-out. Future auto-order deliveries will happen every 1 to 4 weeks after that date based on the delivery frequency you select. If you have a prior auto-order with this retailer, your first auto-order delivery for this item may be scheduled on a date that is earlier than your selected frequency. We will automatically group scheduled auto-order items together for each retailer on a weekly basis. You will be notified that an auto-order has been created 72 hours prior to a scheduled auto-order delivery. You can cancel orders, skip items, and update your auto-order delivery day for each retailer on the Orders Page. We may, in our sole discretion, terminate your auto-order at any time without notice. If we do so, you will only be charged for orders that have been delivered to you. Items included in your auto-order will display an auto-order icon at check-out. Auto-orders require a $10 minimum order, calculated before taxes and fees. Additional fees may apply for auto-orders of $35 or less. The total cost charged to your payment method for each confirmed auto-order will be the cost of the Item on the day that order is delivered, plus taxes and any additional fees, including but not limited to delivery fees, service fees, and bag fees. The price of an item may increase or decrease between deliveries. Any promotions applied when you created your auto-order might not be available for future auto-order deliveries. Gift cards and promotions will only be applied to an auto-order if previously added to your account. Tip for each auto-order will be set to the percentage or amount you chose when you created your auto-order, but you can change it anytime on the Orders page, under the Auto-order tab. The charge for each auto-order delivery will be billed to the default payment method or another one on file. Only valid credit or debit cards can be used for auto-orders. For each auto-order, your card will be temporarily authorized for an amount greater than the total amount of the purchase appearing in the order confirmation. Your subscription will remain in effect until it is canceled. You can cancel at any time on the Orders page, under the Auto-order tab. Instacart reserves the right to change these terms at any time in its sole discretion. If notice of changes is required under applicable consumer protection laws, we will provide you with written notice of any changes to these terms, setting out the change(s) at least 30 days before the change becomes effective. YOUR CONTINUED PARTICIPATION AFTER WE CHANGE THESE TERMS CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHANGES. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGES, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR AUTO-ORDERS.